This is my journey to health and well being  by living a grain-free, sugar-free and chemical-free life.

After reading Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis (cardiologist) and then Grain Brain by Dr. Perlmutter (neurosurgeon), I went wheat free and haven’t looked back.

Since I started, I have read and researched more on living a cleaner life and eliminating as much unhealthy stuff in my diet and my body. I eat as much organic as my store carries, I dropped sugar, and I eat as close to nature as I can get. Which means a lot of what most people think of as food, I don’t touch – which makes for interesting conversations with people, blank looks from some and argumentative questioning on what is considered healthy (based on 40-60 years of  misinformation and highly profitable advertising versus million of years of ancestral eating).   After all, you don’t see a Cheerios tree, a gummy bear bush or a lake swimming with frozen low fat entrees in nature. So why eat it.

I live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.


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