Bacon Pemmican (not for the fat phobic)

As you know, I went wheat free and sugar free on August 29th 2013, by following the Wheat Belly program.  But, I have continued to research other grain free/sugar free ways of eating and came across a link to Mark Sisson’s recipe for pemmican made more closer to the native Indian recipe.  But since I don’t have ready access to venison or buffalo and I don’t have a dehydrator to dry out the meat for days, I thought I’d have to track down a supplier here in my home town. Pemmican is a high fat and moderate protein, zero carb food that provides energy and was vital to my ancestors survival when food was not readily available.

Anyway, has you know on the internet, one link leads to another and another and eventually I came across a recipe for bacon pemmican and decided to try it out.

After I made it, I tasted the spoon and was immediately brought back to my childhood – instantly. When I was younger, my mother would make this toast spread from the fat of pork rind. I grew up really poor and when my mother could afford a pork roast (when it was cheaper than horse meat), she would slow cook this roast for many hours. It was deliciously moist and fell away just looking at it.

But what was amazing was that when she pealed the hard skin off the roast, there was a layer of white gelatinous fat that she scrapped off and kept, she would then break the pork rind into chips and we would eat it. I loved those chips!

She would then take that fat and mix it with bacon fat, lard, salt & pepper and make a toast spread. Now, I never really cared for the taste of that but when you have nothing else to eat, you ate it or went hungry. My older sister would gob it on toast and inhale one after another.

So, this leads me to making bacon pemmican.

I used naturally cured bacon without hormones, or nitrates/nitrites (I used the Free-From line of meat which I bought from Loblaw’s).

I used a package of natural bacon, slow cooked for several hours until the meat was well cooked and the solid fat has been reduced. I added a few twists of sea salt and a few twists of pepper as I cooked it. I let it cool then placed it all in a blender and added 1/2 cup lard (the original recipe called for coconut oil). I processed it into a creamy pate. I poured it into a glass  dish and placed it in the freezer.  I then cut it into bars and refrigerated.

The taste of it was incredibly close to what I used to eat when I was younger, and what sustained me through the cold winter months in Ottawa back in the 70’s.

I won’t be eating this with toast, or any other grain based food for that matter, but I just might go to the Organic’s Market in the By-ward market and buy myself some raw flax seed crackers t enjoy this with. Or eat on its own.

Happy Pemmicing every one!



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