Xyla by any other name would be just as sweet

Since giving up sugar on August 29th, I have struggled with finding a suitable sweetener that doesn’t have an after taste and doesn’t taste like chemicals.

I’ve tried Krisda – disgusting!

I’ve tried Truvia – not bad but make from GMO corn and Coca-Cola makes it, so not thanks.

Stevia – depending on the brand and how it is processed, gross in coffee and the taste doesn’t do well with coconut oil or chocolate.

Splenda – chemical after taste and it is a chlorinated sugar molecule so not thanks.

And my latest discovery – XYLITOL! woohoo! Sweet with no after taste of any kind. Made from hard wood and sweet spoonful to spoonful as sugar and bakes well. Just be careful that the brand (I use Xyla) is made form hardwood and not GMO corn.



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