My new morning addictive breakfast

I had been having bulletproof coffee in the morning but I didn’t like the fact that I was hungry within an hour and increasing the fat in my coffee would leave me feeling nauseous.

I had the idea of making a breakfast smoothie that was wheat free/dairy free and would be nutritious after I started listening to the Smarter Science of Slim podcasts on Youtube, the emphasis is on dark leafy green vegetables, higher protein and it is grain free.

So, I devised a way to include dark leafy greens (and my cod liver oil) in my breakfast and not actually taste them. Hence, the Chocolate Salad Smoothie.

1 cup filtered water
2 big handfuls dark leafy greens (I alternate spinach and young spring mixed greens)
1/2 cup raw nuts (or use 1/4 cup nut butter)
1 small ripe avocado (peeled and seeded)
1-2 heaping tbsp unsweetened cocoa
1 tbsp cod liver oil
1 tbsp gelatin
sweetener to taste (I have made mine with stevia but will be switching to xylitol)
2-3 raw eggs (hormone and antibiotic free, free range eggs, organic)

Blend well in a blender and drink up.

Surprisingly, this keeps me full for about 4 hours.


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