Home made organic cultured butter

I have been adventurous these last few days.

I made organic cultured butter and it was the easiest thing I have ever done. And it took less than 10 minutes to do, the results were a delicious, creamy organic butter with living bacteria. Yummy!

I poured 2 cups of organic heavy cream in a glass jar. I added 2 tbsp kefir (to culture the cream) and let it sit on the counter for about 10 hours, the jar was covered with a fine mesh cloth. I then placed the culture back in the fridge for an hour to chill slightly.  Then, I sealed the jar tightly and shook it for about 10 minutes. This was an interesting process. First the cream shloshed around, then it got very thick and it felt like nothing was happening. Then, all of  a sudden, the fat separated into a large clump, with butter milk.

I poured out the butter milk, I hear this is great for pancakes and other uses, but I discarded mine as I am off dairy  for the time being.

I then “washed” the butter.  This is done to remove any other butter milk that remains. I washed my butter 3 times then the water was clear. Washing is just placing the lump of butter in very cold water and working it with a spatula or a fork until the water is clear. Washing keeps the butter form spoiling.

Then I patted the lump of butter with a paper towel to remove excess water, and placed it in a covered container for refrigeration.

This butter was sweet and delicious. I chose not to add salt as I prefer unsalted butter, but you could add it after washing it. I would say start with 1/4 tsp and taste it, then add more if need be.

If you do not want cultured butter, you can omit the kefir completely. Plain, natural yoghurt will also work as a culture medium to your butter.


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