What’s that in my yoghurt!

Yoghurt, especially full fat Greek style yoghurt is one of my favourite food to eat. I normally buy the plain, unsweetened version and add my own things to it, blueberries, strawberries, cocoa and sweetener.

But did you know that a red food colouring is added to some yoghurts to enhance the redness of their fruit? And did you know that this red food colouring, known as carmine, is derived from the crushed bodies of cochineal beetles?

Apparently, Dannon uses crushed beetles to enhance their yohgurts like their pomegranate yohgurt, and you thought the bright red colour was from the actual fruit?

Read the article here.

I knew that carmine was used in the cosmetic industry to colour lipsticks, face powders and such, but in food?


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