12 High Fat Foods for LCHF Success

I am really liking eating LCHF. I am still adjusting mind you, but overall my experience is quite positive.

I think I may be having some delayed withdrawals to refined carbs, but nothing that an increase in fat can`t get me over.

I was reading one of  Jimmy Moore`s low card sites and saw a list of foods that I am eating currently and was quite glad to see that he also eats recommends them. They are yummy and filling and delicious!


1. Avocados. They are 82.5% fat

2. Butter. 100% fat

3. Whole eggs. 61% fat

4. Coconut oil. 100% fat

5. Bacon! 69.5% fat

6. Sour cream. 88.5% fat

7. 70% ground beef. 59.5% fat

8. Full-fat cheddar cheese. 74% fat

9. Coconuts. 88% fat

10. Dark chocolate. 65% fat

11. Cream cheese. 88.5% fat

12. Liquid fish oil. 100% fat

With all of this delicious food to eat, there isn’t (usually) any room to have other things that aren’t so good for me like wheat, sugar or other grains.

One of my favourite ways to get more butter or coconut oil is to have it as bullet proof coffee. Yummers!


source: http://www.carbsmart.com/10-healthy-high-fat-foods-perfect-for-nutritional-ketosis.html


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