Zombies and potatoe chips

Yesterday, and every Saturday in October, I am a zombie at the Diefenbunker here in Carp Ontario.

Last Saturday, I spent about three hours creating my zombie look and lost track of time. When I realized that I had to go, I hadn’t eaten yet so I goggled up 3 hard-boiled eggs, and drank a smoothie made with 4 ounces of kefir, 8 ounces of water and a packet of gelatin. That was about 11-ish am. I played un-dead until 6 pm and got home at 7-ish. I then had supper. I realised later that I hadn’t eaten food in about eight hours. And, I hadn’t had an urge to partake in the goodies that were brought to us, chocolate bars, granola bars, juice boxes and chips. I wasn’t hungry nor did I feel like having any of them.

I was totally amazed.

Yesterday, I was a zombie once again. I had a coffee with tbsp of coconut oil cream and Truvia, and I ate the same thing as last week but around 10 am this time.  I wasn’t hungry or craving. When they came around with treats, I took a small bag of chips, not that I was hungry, but I wanted something to crunch on.   I ate about 5 chips and left the rest. I ended up tossing the still full bag. As I was thinking about the chips I was eating, I realized that it was a non food, salty and full of grease that was no doubt rancid, trans-fat and was pretty tasteless. Tossing them was no effort whatsoever.

When I got home around seven, I was not hungry in the least.

I didn’t eat until this morning around ten, after I had gone to the store to get eggs.

My appetite is changing and my body’s ability to tell me when to eat is  getting stronger and my ability to recognise what it is telling me is getting better as well. I don’t eat just because the clock tells me to.

If I’m not hungry, why eat?


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