Adding gelatin

This forum that I belong to has a thread about bone broth, complete with recipes to make it.

I can’t say that despite all of the benefits of consuming bone broth makes me want to cook bones for 72 hours just to extract some gelatinous liquid.


After being vegan for a while and vegetarian for longer, eating flesh meat is new for me (as in the last couple of month), and I can only eat fish at this point, not sure if I want to add any more meat.

Any ways, I researched the benefits of consuming gelatin and  there are many. So I decided that I could add a packet of it to my morning drink of kefir and get in my system that way.

Some benefits include; improved hair growth and thickness, improved nail growth and thickness, improved cartilage health, improved collagen production, and helps to heal stomach ulcers (which I don’t have btw, but nice to know).

Here is some interesting info.


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