Sugar, wood pulp and beavers anal glands

Um, what!?


I was reading an article today and it had to do with Halloween candy. The top five ingredients in candy that you might not know, you’ll be glad you gave up sugar.

1. Trans fat. Even if the label says 0 trans fat, don’t be fooled. If a food has 0.5 grams, the manufacturers can say that it contains 0.
2. Food colouring. Yellow 5, yellow 6, blue 1, blue 2, red 40. They cause hyperactivity in children and some adults. There is also a red dye that is also known as Carmine. It is made from crushed beetles.
3. High fructose corn syrup. Need I say more?
4. Vanillin. No, it isn’t like vanilla. It is wood pulp that is fermented in a lab and might be is a carcinogen.
5. Natural flavours which is an unregulated  ingredient that can contain ANYTHING from a natural source, plants, animals and whatever else, including beavers anal glands (it’s used as a flavouring agent in food)

source:  October 15, 2013 article What’s scarier than a ghost? 



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