Chocolate Delights

There are recipes galore on Youtube and the internet to make this treat, it is sometimes called HCG chocolate for those following the HCG  diet (which I think is illegal in Canada).

I make sometimes as a treat, to get my coconut oil and to ward off cravings. I like this version of the treats because they remind me of the dark chocolate I buy, but there is no sugar used.

1 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa, plus 1 tbsp reserved
1 tbsp truvia*, milled with the reserved cocoa until a fine powder

Stir all ingredients over medium low heat until well mixed.  Pour into a measuring sup with a spout and then pour equally into an ice cube tray.  Place in freezer to set, then transfer to a container with lid and refrigerate.

* Liquid sweetener can be used, you will have to measure according to your taste and level of sweetness desired. If you use an other powdered or granulated sweetener, you will have to adjust according to taste.




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