Breaking the cycle of emotional eating

Last Thursday, I got some upsetting news.

How I handle distress in my life is by eating sweet, fatty and comforting junk food. When I was reeling with the news, all my thoughts were on getting to the grocery store and picking up something that I could eat and zone out – perhaps cupcakes with thick frosting, or a cake or a dozen cookies or a tub of ice cream. Gluten free living be damned!

As I was riding the bus home I began to calm down and think about what I always do in times of stress and I knew that I would feel terrible the next day if I gave in.

I managed to walk past the grocery store and walked home, happily munching some raw nuts.  The moment passed and I didn’t destroy what I had spent the last few weeks building. I had a nice healthy dinner and a stress free evening. I went  to bed and fell fast asleep.

The next day, as I was making my way to work, I had a flash of a dream that I had. I saw chocolate cake crumbs on me and all over the bed, my face smeared with chocolate icing. I had a momentary flash of desperate revulsion at the thought that I had binged after all, but then I realized that I had had a bad dream about binging and I was so relieved to realise that I hadn’t binged and had managed to stay the course and deal with an emotional upset without resorting to past behaviours.

I was so elated at my success!


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