Truvia – friend or foe?

I bought some granulated TRUVIA the other day and was amazed at how close it tastes to sugar, except for the very slight after taste , it was pretty good. It’s marketed as a Stevia based artificial sweetener.

I just Googled it and did you know that there isn’t any  Stevia in the ingredients list? And it is made by Cocal-Cola and Cargill?
It lists three ingredients;
1) Erythritol: A sugar alcohol which is made by processing genetically modified corn.
2) Rebiana:Half of one percent of Truvia is Rebiana which is a molecule of the Stevia plant but it isn’t Stevia.
3) Natural Flavors; oh oh. . .  we know what that means.
I don’t want to use Splenda (or sucralose) which is a chlorinated sugar molecule (and was originally created for use as an insecticide), can’t stand Krisda (disgusting chemical taste) and Stevia extract is just too expensive.
So what is there left that is a no carb sweetner and won’t raise blood sugars?

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