The Wheat Belly book

I’ve read the Wheat Belly book twice now, written by Dr William Davis, cardiologist. What an amazing book!

He writes about the connection of modern  wheat (what he calls frankenwheat) and the accumulation of fat (visceral fat) and thus the crisis of obesity, the increase of diabetes and other diseases.

He uses his own personal experiences of witnessing his own patients’ success of weight loss by going grain free and also he cites many studies to back up his claims that wheat is not the healthy food that we have been told it is.

Consider that two slices of wheat bread raises blood sugar more than a snickers bar AND higher than a tbsp of white sugar. Yet, the diabetes association keeps telling diabetics to eat more of these “healthy” grains.  There is hardly a processed food that doesn’t contain flour. Did you know that licorice’s second ingredient is flour? Interesting isn’t it?


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