Even when they get it, they don’t get it

The other day at work, I was talking to a colleague about the book Wheat Belly. Ooh, a topic I actually want to talk about! She was telling me how she understood how wheat was such a bad food, and that it is addictive and affects children’s behaviours and such, and how, when she has this current baby, she will convert her household to 100% gluten-free.


her 18 month old child loooooves pasta and can’t bare to not give it to him because he gets upset when he doesn’t get white pasta. She tried to give him quenoa pasta but her son can tell it isn’t “real” pasta and throws a fit.

Who’s the parent here?

Who buys the food?

Who will make the decisions that is in the best interest of the child even if the child disagrees with the decision?


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