What’s changed

Since changing to a wheat free way of eating, I haven’t binged. Not once.

Pants that I haven’t been able to get into for years are almost  fitting me, I can button them up (but I wouldn’t sit down just yet) . My double chin is just about gone.  My gut is shrinking and my thighs don’t look like sausages in my jeans. And I can hook my bra in the first row (I had been using the third row).

I know, TMI for some, but big freaken news for me!

Weight that hasn’t budged in more than five years is melting away.

Also, my sleep pattern has changed. I get tired earlier and I sleep deeply and am starting to wake before the alarm goes off. I am full of energy in the morning.  I wake up in a good mood, I think I may actually be a morning person after all!

Eating has become a joy rather than a chore. I look forward to tasting the food rather than just stuffing my face to get it over and done with.  I feel in control of myself again.

It’s a great feeling!


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